Friday, 8 May 2015

UK General Election 2015 live blog: 0500

Labour 140 (-31)
Conservative 120 (+8)
SNP 50 (+44)
Liberal Democrats 6 (-21)
Others 19

Vote share:
Labour 34%
Conservative 31%
Liberal Democrats 7%
UKIP 11%
SNP 9%

UK General Election 2015: Live Blog 0430

Labour gains Hornsey and Wood Green (my old constituency) from Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone, after apologising for a smear campaign, that worked.

Liberal Democrats getting wiped out in London, Conservatives and Labour gaining the spoils.

UKIP on the board, as ex.Tory Douglas Carswell takes his seat at Clacton.

Key UKIP target, Thurrock stays Conservative, Labour second.  First Past the Post means the UK's third largest party by vote may end up being fifth or lower.

Overall result:

Labour 118
Conservatives 83
SNP 46
Liberal Democrats 4
Others 18

Plenty of safe rural seats to come...

UK General Election 2015: Live Blog 0400

A great win, as Energy Secretary Ed Davey of the Lib Dems, loses his seat.  Davey was an acolyte of the renewable energy/climate change fetishism.

Labour's Caroline Flint trying to spin this result as a loss for the government.

Labour's Chukka Umunna increases his majority, a possible candidate for the leadership, he is to the right of Ed, much closer to the Blairite tradition.  Said during campaign he didn't get into politics to increase taxes.

Liberal Democrats retaining 1 seat in Scotland, Orkney and Shetland, which thoroughly rejected independence.  Hard working, independently minded folk who have little time for the mainland nationalist socialism.

Glasgow North East, Labour's safest seat in Scotland, goes SNP.   Labour wiped out in Scotland unless some outlier emerges.

George Galloway looks out in Bradford East - excellent news

Conservatives gain two seats from Lib Dems in Wales.  Plaid Cymru fourth in vote share in Wales behind Labour, Conservatives and UKIP.  Welsh nationalism is very much a minority sport, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood's TV appearances on national debates hasn't worked.

Result at 0400

Labour 94
Conservative 54
SNP 39
Liberal Democrats 3
Others 16

UK General Election Live Blog 2015: 0330

Gordon Brown's old seat Kirkcaldy sees Labour wiped out, a majority of 23,000 completely trounced.

Brecon and Radnorshire and Burnley are both losses for Liberal Democrats to Conservatives and Labour respectively.

Ealing Central and Acton go from Conservatives to Labour.

Labour gaining two seats in England more than wiped out by the 27% swing against it in Scotland.

Over 6% swing from Liberal Democrats to Conservatives, and same to Labour.  

Labour front bench starting to sound defeated, but lead Scottish nationalist socialist denier Alex Salmond still claiming there could be a "progressive" majority in Westminster.

Warwickshire North - Labour's number one target, stays Conservative.  

Colchester goes from Liberal Democrats to Conservatives.

Love the Daily Mirror front page

Early conclusions:

- Labour not trusted with the economy given Conservative's led recovery
- No Liberal Democrat credit for the recovery
- Labour's class war rhetoric has failed, miserably.
- UKIP has hurt Labour, but hasn't broken through into winning seats
- Scottish nationalism is the beast that has swallowed up all in its wake

Telegraph columnist Dan Hodges, long damning Labour's leftward switch, has been vindicated.

Actual count: 
Labour 37
Conservative 24
SNP 25
Liberal Democrat 1
Others 13

UK General Election Live Blog 2015: 0250

Devastation as a 20 year old student (SNP) beats former Blair/Brown era Minister and Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander.

Dundee West, Glenrothes, Falkirk, Ochil and Perthshire and Dunbartonshire West also swing heavily from Labour to SNP.  Already SNP more than doubled seats from 6 to 13, but numbers look like Labour almost entirely wiped out in Scotland.

The nationalist genie set free by Scottish devolution by the Blair Government has grown into a beast that has swallowed up its founders.  However, if the figures remain bleak for Labour, the SNP will be a loud opposition.

No Conservative losses at all so far.
One Liberal Democrat loss (Scotland)
Big story is still Labour losing heavily in Scotland...

UK General Election 2015 Live Blog: 0220

Liberal Democrats hold "safe" Welsh seat of Ceridigion, Plaid Cymru fail to break through.

Kilmarnack & Loudon in Scotland swaps 12,000 Labour majority for a 13,000 SNP majority.

South Antrim sees the more moderate UUP beating the DUP by 1000, a win for the UUP.

Labour target seat Nuneaton saw Conservative majority increase.

Liberal Democrat candidates looking absolutely devastated, proportion of vote lost 17%

At the moment it looks like:

- Labour has bled to the Conservatives in England
- Labour has almost bled dry to the SNP in Scotland
- Liberal Democrats bled to Labour, Conservatives, UKIP and SNP everywhere
- UK voters have decisively voted against the Labour Party
- SNP looks like demanding independence again...

Friday, 9 January 2015

There is no right to not be offended

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