Friday, 8 May 2015

UK General Election 2015 Live Blog: 0220

Liberal Democrats hold "safe" Welsh seat of Ceridigion, Plaid Cymru fail to break through.

Kilmarnack & Loudon in Scotland swaps 12,000 Labour majority for a 13,000 SNP majority.

South Antrim sees the more moderate UUP beating the DUP by 1000, a win for the UUP.

Labour target seat Nuneaton saw Conservative majority increase.

Liberal Democrat candidates looking absolutely devastated, proportion of vote lost 17%

At the moment it looks like:

- Labour has bled to the Conservatives in England
- Labour has almost bled dry to the SNP in Scotland
- Liberal Democrats bled to Labour, Conservatives, UKIP and SNP everywhere
- UK voters have decisively voted against the Labour Party
- SNP looks like demanding independence again...

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